The Hall Residency - Showing


As part of The Hall – Dance Residency, the artists in residence present their contemporary dance pieces at

Mi Barrio Kulturhaus on

December 8th 2019

18:30 HR

Münzwardeingasse 2, 1060 Wien

Entrance: € 7

An evening of contemporary dance with... Verena Herterich - Deixis "Deixis" is an investigation on perceiving, sensing, making sense and causing error. A twisting and maneuvering of states of mind and body that allow "kaleidoscopic" projections of archivated potentials of a living body object. A screwing in and out of edges, voids, inbetweens and seas of sensation, emotion, cognition, activation and action. Idea, Concept, Performance: Verena Herterich Sound Design: Matthias Sommer -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Indira Nunez - InnerOuter Space A journey, A research. From the outside to the inside of us. Crossing Cosmic Worlds. Recovering lost connections. A Trial. Choreographie, Konzept, Performance: Indira Nunez (hy.per.form) Kostüme und Bühne design: Sarah Kraine ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joni Österlund - Hintergedanke Man is a continuous play of balance between conscious and unconscious. The reaction we have to the other is actually hinting what we are ourselves. Part of you is reacting while behind the scenes you have placed all the moving particles ready for the show that takes place in you conscious mind. Dancers: Joni Österlund, Hannah Wimmer, Sara De Santis Concept: Joni Österlund Sound & Music design: Christoph Punzmann -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Pablo & Guy - Atlas Atlas, inspired by the mythological figure condemned to carry the world on its shoulders for eternity, is the evocation of a woman carrying the weight of the exhausting and invisible mental burden. Frenetically accumulating a pile of never-ending laundry, she experiences the rage of being trapped, of suffocating by the household responsibilities. While her body seeks liberation and questions her predefined social role of being a woman, she transforms between rationality and insanity to become someone else and enter another story. In a monochromatic universe and with humor, Pablo + Guy proposes an exploration of strength and fragility, of love and work, of public and private. Concept + Choreography: Soraya Leila Emery Creation + Interpretation: Desi Bonato Dramaturgy: Eva Sommer Music Design: TBA Constume Design: TBA Light Design: TBA Ticket: 7,- € The Hall Dance Residency Team Artistic Director: Gisela Elisa Heredia Organization: Laura Suarez Assistant: Julia Mariacher & Gisela Elisa Heredia in cooperation with Mi Barrio

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