TanzTag.21 Festival


12 Years International Dance Day Celebration in Vienna!

Short Works Festival

tanz.coop – collective offers dancers and choreographers for 12 Years already a place to present their own Contemporary Dance pieces and Performances, to create networks and to exchange ideas.

In our imaginary April 29th, tanz.coop aims for the twelfth time to bring the International Dance Day to Vienna and to create more space and visibility for contemporary dance. Our inspiration and Motto for this year is “Courage” as a quality of being ready and adventurous in an action, it doesn´t matter what. Being brave and showing power of determination...

If you are working on something related to this theme and you would like to try out in front of audience, we invite you to show your work at the next TanzTag in Vienna on January 6th 2021 at WUK – PERFORMING ARTS.

Application should include the following:

Concept description (Max. one A4 page)

max. 15 minutes play time

Short Curriculum of participants with photo

Photos and Link from actual work

Contact with Actual Address, email and phone.

In case you have, Social Media Account

We offer:

Technical Equipment

PR work

Small Fee

tanz.coop Networking

Applications to:


Deadline: 31st October 2020

For more information about the TanzTag

contact office@tanzcoop.com

Curated by Gisela Elisa Heredia

A tanz.coop production in collaboration with WUK performing arts. Supported by the Alsergrund District of Vienna. Bezirksvorstehung Alsergrund

Photo: Martina Stapf

Dancer on Photo: Lilli Vanilli

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