International dance day celebration in Vienna

29th April 2022

Online celebration via instagram & Facebook

Date On stage to be annouced

Andrea Nagl (AUT)

Was bleibt. Surviving in times of loss

In Zeiten von auferlegten Veränderungen und Krisen, die oft mit einem Gefühl von Verlust einhergehen, stellt sich die Frage, was bleibt – vom Selbstverständnis unseres Alltags, Denkens, Einordnens, von unserer vermeintlich stabilen Identität. Ein leerer Raum. Ein menschlicher Körper und ein Ast. Stille...

Indira Nunez (VEZ/AUT)

La Señora Muerte

Frau Tod

There is an essential journey from the Darkness to the Light and from the Light to the Darkness. Set the fear aside and let´s go down, to the deepest of our souls and wash our tears, re-collect our broken bones, to be able to be re-born and re-newed again...

Anna Prokopová (cz/AUT)


A solo piece coming out of the necessity to reconnect with current societal challenges through the lens of dance oriented performance. Re-visiting experiences of natural elements, landscapes and phenomena, focusing on interactions of arching, twisting and poetic stillness, involving dynamic sequences in the context of humanoid...

Andrea Vezga (VEZ/AUT)


How can I experience feelings from the past, that belonged to people I never knew? How can I show through my body that this folkloric expression is -at the same time- universal? ...

With the friendly support of the

Alsergrund District, Graphics Patrick Weinhofer

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